March 25, 2010

Four Words--Hot Tub Time Machine

When I first heard of the movie title "Hot Tub Time Machine" I thought it was a joke.  Some sort of YouTube video or something.  But it's actually a big studio film that is opening this Friday with a concept so brilliant, it just might save MGM.  

Needless to say, the concept is self-explanatory ala  "Snakes On A Plane".  Four dudes get into a hot tub that transports them back to 1986 (cassettes!!!) where they encounter their past (hot moms!!!) and do their best to get back to 2010.  Though it sounds dumb, I think the film has the potential to be hilarious.  I mean, I laughed twice watching the trailer...that never happens! Of course, I do have a certain fondness for time travel/fix-the-past movies like "Back to the Future" and "Peggy Sue Got Married".  

In fact, I'm currently working on one entitled "Prom Queens", about three gay guys who end up going back to high school. More news on that as things develop.  In the meantime, I will see u at the muliplex this weekend for HTTM!

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