January 11, 2010

No Pants Day On The Subway

On a day where the temperature didn't break the freezing mark, hundreds of bold New Yorkers left their pants at home to ride the subway.  It was the Annual No Pants Subway day, put together by the wacky folks over at Improv Everywhere.  There are tons more pictures on their website and there should be some video of the event posted later today. This year, though, it looks like the pantless riders outnumbered the civilians.

Now I'd like to add a Cindy Adams-esque, "only in New York kids" but that's not exactly true. The event, which started 9 years ago, has now taken on an international scope as well.  Apparently, subway riders in 44 cities around the globe participated this year. I wonder if there were some wacky westerners riding the brand new Dubai subway san pants?  Then again, given that the temp there was a balmy 75 yesterday, the whole wintry point of the pants-off experience might have been lost.  

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