January 27, 2010

Joan Jett, Allen Ginsberg and The Sundance Buzz

The Sundance Film Festival got underway in Park City last weekend.  This is the first year that programmer John Cooper is taking the reins of the festival and, if you believe the hype, it's actually proving to be a pretty good year at that.  The big buzz films so far are: 
  • THE RUNAWAYS, a Joan Jett biopic starring Kristen Stewart as the 16 year old lead singer of the early 80's LA-punk sensations
  • CATFISH, a shocking doc about a Facebook connection that goes so terribly wrong  that reviewers aren't providing spoilers
  • HOWL, a star studded movie about Allen Ginsberg and his beautifully profane poem that landed him in an obscenity trial
  • THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, a Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as lesbian moms who meet their sperm donor in a movie already getting '11 Oscar buzz
To me, all of these sound great...especially the Runaways movie.  Also, I think it's amazing that actors like James Franco and John Hamm got together to make a movie about an epic poem.  You don't see that in Hollywood everyday (discounting that animated & somewhat bastardized BEOWULF from a few years back). And, of course, James Franco looks great in glasses!  

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