January 4, 2010

The Best Movie of the Decade

At the end of the year, there are always tons of lists about the best films of the previous year.  And at the end of this year, there have been more than a few tallys of the best movies of the Aughts.  However, a number of critics have recently chosen David Lynch's masterwork "Mulholland Drive" as the best movie of the decade.  And I couldn't agree more.

Lynch's meditation of fame, LA, violence and apocalyptic visions, originally released in 2001, seems quite prescient in retrospect.  Isn't that what the last ten years have been about?  Time Out New York placed it atop their Best 50 Movies of the '00s and the main critic at Slate has sung it's praises as well.  There is also a thorough write up of the film's importance and genius at Reverse Shot, written by Michael Joshua Rowin.  

It's somewhat ironic that a film which began it's life as a TV pilot would end up representing a decade of movies. But then again, maybe it's just right.  After all, the trend of the last tend years has the most groundbreaking and innovative American filmmaking appearing on network and cable TV, not at the multiplex. 

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