January 25, 2011

Adopt A Piece Of Fine Art Today

A friend of mine who works at NYFA recently told me about this fantastic website where you can "adopt" works of fine art for free.  The Fine Art Adoption Network was started by an artist named Adam Simon who thought it might be a way for artists to get some exposure while also clearing out some working space in their studios too.

This painting on the left is by artist Heidi Neff, is 60 x 66 inches and inspired by her love of church ceilings. It is available for free...the only cost is shipping.  And like adopting a child, that baby is yours for eternity.  But you have to be a good parent and take care of it.  And, just like adoptiong, you have to apply.  But where in NYC can you get free art? Nowhere....except the Fine Art Adoption Network.

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