October 15, 2009

Megatron Man Meets TRON

I've previously posted about the new Tron movie and it's awesome trailer. Last month, Disney finally revealed the official release date for "Tron Legacy": December 17, 2010. So yeah...there's still some waiting involved. But in the meantime, I found this very cool music video made up solely of footage from the original "Tron". It's very effectively cut to the electro beats of Patrick Cowley's disco dance hit "Megatron Man", a song which I've heard recently on the DJ Will playlist at Vandam. This is a remix so it's a little long but, since they've used all the good CGI-parts of "Tron", it's easier than renting the DVD. :)

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! I checked the "cool" box, but only because there isn't a "so damn awesome" box. (Can you look into that?) That movie was so ahead of its time it makes my head hurt.