May 15, 2013

The Palisades, A Local Scenic Landmark, In Danger

I'm not usually one to promote causes and petitions on this blog. But this particular situation grabbed my visual attention. The spectacular view of the New Jersey Palisades is in danger of being destroyed by electronics company LG's plans for an enormously out of place office building that would tower above the pristine tree line. Note that this currently unspoiled view of the NJ shoreline is the same view that Henry Hudson saw (minus a few natural landslides) hundreds of years ago traveling up river for the first time. If LG goes ahead and builds this new building (surely so their executives can have supreme views of New York City) the magic of this unique part of the local landscape will be forever lost.

The first time I visited Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx and looked west, I was stunned by this view and equally amazed that it had not been spoiled.  When I heard about LG's plans, I went to this organization Protect The Palisades' website, set up to send emails of protest to the head of the company.  (A previous petition was already sent to them and local zoning officials.) Anyway, it only takes a minute to fill one out and send it along. So if you can, do you part to save one of the area's remaining natural wonders.

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  1. An update to this story, which has gotten a lot of clicks and interest from Google searches: LG announced today they have reached an agreement that will lower the height of their office building so that it won't ruin the natural view of the Palisades. They have a website up with all the details: