May 16, 2012

ABC Goes South To NASHVILLE For A New Musical Show

This week, advertisers in New York get a sneak peek at all the networks' upcoming fall schedules.  It's called the "upfronts" and used to be strictly industry. But lately, the upfronts have become a venue for the broadcast networks to also titillate and tease their audience in general, as they put promo trailers for their new shows up on their websites and even on YouTube.

I watched a bunch of them today over at Videogum and one that stood out was ABC's NASHVILLE. It looks to be a musical show ala SMASH but set in the world of country music. The main thing that got my attention was that it stars Connie Britton from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and my favorite show last year AMERICAN HORROR STORY. It'll be interesting to see just how much music is actually in the show.

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