August 30, 2011

Film Of Abandoned Amusement Park 6 Years After Katrina

As New Yorkers "recover" from Hurricane Irene, New Orleans this week will remember Katrina, the storm that truly devastated that city six years ago this week.  I recently came across a cool and creepy film of one of the ruins of Katrina which has been relatively untouched since 2005.  Six Flags had a relatively new amusement park in the city, located in the now-infamous Ninth Ward off a highway exit.  The park was swamped by the storm and basically abandoned.

Filmmaker Teddy Smith got into the park last year and shot some beautiful footage on a Canon 5D.  This film screened at the Dallas film festival earlier this year.  Meanwhile in NOLA, the park's future is still in doubt though there was a recent announcement of a plan to redevelop it and the city to take bids on it.  But for now, it is an eerie reminder of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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