March 19, 2010

Art That's Literally On The Edge

Every year, the Madison Square Park Conservancy funds a public art installation.  For 2010, the project is so ambitious that it will not only spread outside the park but even above it.  

British sculptor Antony Gormley has created 31 naked statues of himself and placed them in the park, on nearby sidewalks and up on the rooftops and ledges of nearby landmark buildings, including the Flatiron and Empire State.  The project is called "Event Horizon" and is actually a restaging of a similar piece he did in London back in 2007. The difference here is that he's got some taller buildings to work with and a concern from local police that the statues might be mistaken for suicidal jumpers.  

Today's TIMES has a write-up about the project and some stunning photos by Todd Heisler. They also have a map so you can find all the statues which are concentrated in the Flatiron District but stretch as far south as Union Square. The exhibit will be up until August. 

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