September 23, 2009

TIMES Reporter Jeff Zeleny Is Kinda Cute

OK--you're all like, uh, who the hell is Jeff Zeleny? He's a reporter for the NY TIMES who has been covering the Obama Administration since the beginning of the year. Just yesterday, he wrote about the White House intervention in the NY state governor's race.

Zeleny has also has been popping up as a talking head on chat shows this year due to his higher profile gig in DC. I saw him on PBS's Washington Week In Review a few months ago but he's also been on Charlie Rose, giving an extensive interview about Rod Blagojevich whom he covered in his years working for the Chicago Tribune. In fact, that's where I got this kinda cute still from.

Despite having asked an infamous silly question at Obama's first press conference, it's clear to me that Zeleny has a future in broadcast journalism. He's that geeky-cute, know-it-all kinda guy who doesn't lord his knowledge over you but simply tells you what he knows with a winning smile. And here's the real kicker...he's apparently gay. At least that's what the Internets say when you Google him.

In fact, my Googling turned up the surprising coincidence that there was
another gay blog that called him "kinda cute" earlier this year. Damn! But fortunately, that blogger has a boyfriend and I'm single so, for anyone paying attention, I saw him first. :) Regardless, I can guarantee you'll be seeing more of Jeff Zeleny in the future.


  1. Yep, he's still cute, especially when he does that golly-gee-willikers 1/2 smile.

  2. Jeff is drop-dead gorgeous!