September 13, 2012

HUNTING SEASON Is A Sexy New Web Series

Last night, I went to the premiere of a new web series that my friend Jon Marcus has produced/directed called HUNTING SEASON. Written by another filmmaker I know Adam Baran, it's based on the sexy blog from a few years ago "The Great Cock Hunt", which was a no-holds barred look at the life of a gay man in his 30s in NYC.  

I saw the first three episodes of HUNTING SEASON at a special screening at Bartini in midtown and it was so much fun!  It is also incredibly hot with a lot of full-on action that keeps things very interesting. But what is most interesting is that, afterwards, everyone was talking about the fact that this is unique in that it's essentially a TV show in which gay men have sex--a lot of it.  And that's pretty reflective of life for this certain set of gay guys living in New York City. Usually, when gays appear on network TV or even cable, they are rarely seen actually having sex (with the exception maybe of QUEER AS FOLK). As much as pop culture has changed in its depiction of The Gays, this seems to be the final frontier in some ways...and HUNTING SEASON is aiming to break that one wide open.

If you'd like to check it out, you can see the first three episodes as paid downloads on the show's website.  There is also an option to watch a censored version on Logo's website.  Though that could be a bit like watching SEX AND THE CITY in syndication. ;)  In fact, the show has one main SEX IN THE CITY parallel in that the lead character (the adorable Ben Baur, above) is a writer with a Carrie-esque voiceover.  But even the ladies on that risque show never got this down and dirty!  

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